Week 4 – final

We started our brainstorming and sketching and making key visuals since we’re nearing the final week.

I made a mindmap on shape shifting suit and chose three keywords that stood out to me, which are:

Change, Futuristic, and Imaginative

I then made moodboards of them and continued to make sketches based on the keywords.



The first sketch is just dividing the photo in half to show two forms with one background, symbolising transformation. The second one is taking it more literally and having a transformation similar to Mystique’s (Xmen).

After this, I made key visuals:

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 10.12.28 PM.png

This is my first key visual and it’s not the best, but it gets my point across. I thought that the second sketch would look better, so I made a key visual based on that:

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 10.12.37 PM

I like this key visual better, but still not quite satisfied with it, so I decided to use illustration in my ad. Since I’m aiming for an illustration portfolio, this was something I thought was appropriate.

Here are the final ads:


The first is for instagram and the second for twitter.

The captions in each are in the screenshot I made, in this file: