After Effects Final Project

So, for the after effects, I’m going to compile everything we learnt and the final project into one post. So, in short, we had a lot of exercises, learning how to use bridge and how to mask and the basics you can look up in youtube. We also learnt how to rig briefly to prepare us for the final project.

For the final project, we were tasked to create an animated infographic based on our Viscom in GD final infographic. So, naturally, my topic became the harmful side effects of instant noodles. For the final video, I created the vectors or traced something I found online and I added it into the AE file. I did this in sections and compiled it in Imovie. The sounds I used are:

  1. Elysium Long (default)
  2. Borealis (default)
  3. heart beat monitor sound effects (youtube)

So the things I used for this are positioning, scaling and masking. That was all I used to create the full infographic. Some effects like the typing effects were already built in and can be used by all, so that made my life a lot easier.

The first draft of the infographic animation was a little more like an article with headlines on top, so I was asked to change that and I managed to succeed with one or two days left. Here is the full final infographic:

The fonts I used are the same as the ones I used in the Viscom infographic: Playlist for headlines and Shree Devanagari 712 for the body text.


Cinema 4d

For this post, I’ll mix in all the cinema 4d. So, we first made a chess piece after learning the basics of 3d modelling. I was quite used to this and I used mostly basic shapes to construct the pawn. It has similar properties to Blender (an open source 3d modelling software great for beginners). After this, we made our second exercise. The lantern.

For the lantern, we had to build it up slowly. Here is the reference picture:

Screen Shot 2016-09-30 at 10.53.41 PM.png

mine ended up a little shorter, but overall, I think I got the shape right. Here is my rendition:

Screen Shot 2016-09-30 at 10.53.25 PM.png

After the lantern, we were paired (I ended up with Sandra) and we were asked to model anything interior. Now, Sandra and I love this anime called Free! so we decided to model the main character’s (nanase haruka) bathroom. For a more detailed explanation on how to model his bathroom, you can go to her blog :

For this, we decided to do two rooms. The bathroom and the laundry room. She chose to do the bathroom and I did the laundry room. What I did was, I copied the textured walls she already and and made the wall structure of my room. I also used a wood texture. The structures were made with basic shaoes and different modifications. (ex: the baskets were squares that I gave holes and beveled the edge)  Other than that, there wasn’t anything too complicated to it. The thing about this is the attention to detail it needs. So here’s a final rendition from cinema 4d, of my part:

Screen Shot 2016-09-30 at 11.01.28 PM.png

There was a lot of extruding and such, but nothing too advanced. I only used the basics and placed things in the right order to make it come together. Attention to detail is important here.

Assignment – Website

For the weekly assignment involving buttons, we were tasked to make a website based on a movie. The movie could be made up, upcoming or already out there. For this, I thought I should choose a movie I am really excited to see. Suicide Squad. This movie is about a band of super villains who are treated like hunting dogs by the government. So what I did first was to find some reference pictures online so that I could start creating vectors.

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Progress – Animation HW

For this assignment, we were asked to create an animation featuring a moving vehicle (a car for most of us) and use our imaginations to create any background or vehicle we want. I decided to make a creepy animation with maybe a little tim burton touch to it.

Here are the pictures I referenced for my vectors:

(These pictures are not all I reeferenced, but to find the rest you can just type in google images “Tim Burton inspired buildings/car/characters” and anything of the sort.)

What I did first was animate the car moving from one end of the screen to the other. At first, it was only 100 frames, but as I added the background, I decided it was too fast and made it 200.

After that, I decided the animation needed to be more…me. I love little easter eggs in movies so I decided to add a few popups and see if anyone would be able to spot all of them.


I will edit the final animation in Imovie and ad background music and maybe some sound effects. I’ll  show this in my next update :).

Animation Explanation – Week 2 (explanation in screenshots)

We are using Adobe Animate / Flash CC.

What we will be using is ActionScript 3.0 for our projects.

Settings we use is normally the default one but sometimes it can change to 1280 by 720 pixels and 25 frames per second instead of 24.

This is what and where everything we need to know is:

use this 1.png

This is how to create a new symbol from object:

use this 2.png

(right click on the object to make the choices appear. Free Transform also works here if you click on the transform option and arranging it behind or on top of other objects can be  done in arrange as well.)

How do we know its a symbol? Go to library, next to properties and check if your symbol is there:

use this 4.png

How to make new symbol from scratch:

use this 5.png

use this 6.png

How we animate (it might be a little clearer on last week’s post):

use this 7.png

How to use motion tween:

use this 12.pnguse this 11.pnguse this 10.png

use this 9.pnguse this 8.png