Waya – Chance

Week 3-4

Creative Director:

Waya is the project chosen by both me and the lecturers of this class. It is a campaign that aims at reviving Indonesian culture (traditional arts). Waya will focus on Indonesia’s wayang – more specifically wayang kulit.

The project itself will be based on creating a more modern take of the traditional beauty. Basing it on the story of Ramayana, the product campaign – direct competition of “Damn! I Love Indonesia” – will take elements of the story and create a more abstract version of wayang.

To create this, I gave my graphic designer – Seth – the summary of Ramayana and explained what I wanted through the creative brief.


Graphic Designer:

Chance! is a game aimed at children that has the goal of getting rid of gender specific roles. Using that concept, the game will be about life and its chances, the characters in the game and the colors used will not use any gender specific colors like blue or pink.

For this, I sketched some logos, but after a new moodboard based on the fairly odd parents cartoon, its been decided that the game’s graphics will be based upon basic shapes such as squares and circles.

Here are the logos digitally:

logo exploration_w04

The main type is decided as Fabada as it has a childish vibe and seems friendly.




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