Creative Agencies and Freelancing

So for the past few classes, we learned about how we can earn money as designers. Many types of jobs are available for us and also in many ways, we can join a company – big or small – or start out on our own as a freelancer.

We learned about creative agencies during the fourth week and the many different creative agencies available all around the world. There are many types of small creative agencies with their own different specialties, some specialize in digital work and web design while others in illustration and many more. Here are two agencies introduced to us in class:

Blackstone – Jakarta, Indonesia

Blackstone is a full service digital agency providing internationally.

Ageless Galaxy – Jakarta

They are a multidisciplinary studio that can do a lot of things, from branding to illustration.

Other than discussing agencies like the ones above, we also discussed the importance of internships. Internships are an important tool for us designers to gain experience on how the design world works and communicate to different types of people and clients.

After the sixth week, we learned how to price ourselves as designers and how to work as a freelancer. There are many things to take into account as we are pricing ourselves, such as, travel, food, entertainment, and actual design work. After that, we learned how to roughly estimate what we want and need and all the pricing factors.

We also talked about what we would need as a freelancer, traits wise. We also learnt about how to deal with clients who are our friends.



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