Copywriting – Week 2 – 3

For week 2, we discussed the essentials of copywriting and how copywriting works through TVC and Radios. We were then tasked to make our own radio ad for martabak manis.

Here is my monologue:

“The small sizzling sound of butter slowly melting into the fluffy dough. Seeping through the sides, infusing with the sweet scent of chocolate and nuts. Each bite melts in your mouth, leaving you craving for more of the sweet, crunchy delicacy. Sweet martabak, your new guilty pleasure.”

For this, I decided the narrator would be a man, since a woman’s voice can go both ways, either being a perfect fit or a disaster. A man’s voice can’t go too wrong, since most male voice actors have a low voice, which is pretty suitable with my “food porn” type ad.

We then continued our research on our imaginary products. We were given the homework to find 5 examples of ads that can potentially compete with our imaginary product.


I chose this ad because as of now, this is the closest thing we have to a shapeshifting suit. This suit is a better version of the occulus rift, letting you feel the game you’re in.

The design of the ad is futuristic and the concept is conveyed well, the tagline also explains exactly what the suit does.

del ltr

This ad is about the occulus rift, its the next closest product to the suit. Since it allows you to see what you play, you can become more immersed in your games and feel more like a different person.

The picture is nice and shows exactly how the user interacts with the product, although they don’t have a tagline or explanation in the ad, the brand is already strong enough to not need those, similar to MCDonalds.


This is an ad about a corset. I feel like this is the most realistic “shape shifting” suit at the moment, since it actually alters your body shape.

This picture shows the product and made it the focal point amongst every other element, making it effective. The tagline is also nice, but doesn’t quite make sense out of context.


This ad has the look and feel I was looking for.

The ad looks very futuristic, following the concept. The brand is like occulus and doesn’t need a tagline, since they’ve made a name for themselves in the industry.

Calvin Klein Underwear

This is also a body altering product, which is why I chose it.

The picture shows the product and how it functions. The tag and ad copy is a nice explanation of how the product works.


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