Copywriting in Advertisement – week 1

During the first week, we learnt the basics of what copywriting is and steps to effective copywriting.

By definition, copywriting is written content communicated through print or online media, particularly for ads and marketing purposes.

It raises brand awareness and persuades its values.

Steps to effective copywriting:

  • reveals products benefits
  • know your audience
  • answer your target audience’s question
  • understand your medium (online? print?)
  • avoid TMI
  • include a call to action
  • proofread – does this make sense?

We can find copywriting in: taglines, slogans, jingles, online and print ads, press release, brochures, flyers, billboards, and web contents.

Exercise 1

Make a dating profile for your friend:

For this assignment, we were asked to create a dating profile for our partners, in this case, Seth.

I know Seth quite well, but I decided to ask him some basic questions for research so that I can make the profile his. After the research, I ended up with a few profiles, but the last one sounded most like him, so I ended up choosing that one:

“Hey! I’m Seth, I like good food and good company. Let’s hang out sometimes.”


Exercise 2

Make a tagline and Ad copy for an imaginary product:

In class, we made a mindmap on the board, filled with imaginary products that we would like to own, but has yet to spring into existence. Out of the many options, I ended up with a shapeshifting suit.

The shapeshifting suit is able to morph you into anything you want to be. There are many who would love to have Mystique’s (Xmen) powers, and this suit allows you to do just that. I decided the tagline would be:

“Be whatever you want to be”

The suit that helps you be whatever it is you dream to be. Literally! Get the world’s very first shape-shifting body suit!



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