Corp ID – week 1-2

So for this class, the first 6 weeks is dedicated to rejuvenating a brand of our choosing. We were also put into groups randomly to do this. My group consists of Sandra, Gia, and I.

For this, we narrowed our search down to 3 companies, which are: Jasa Marga, SM Ent., and Dunkin Donuts. For this, we divided the workload and each picked a company to research. I was given SM. (Jasa Marga and Dunkin Donuts were given to my peers).

According to the research I did, SM Ent. is a company that wants to be seen as the most innovative entertainment industry, leading the Kpop wave. However, its design and branding strategy doesn’t clearly communicate that with us, even their website looks outdated. I concluded that their brand needs to be rejuvenated to fit their keyword: ┬átrendsetter.

Here is my powerpoint presentation for SM Ent.’s research:


Out of the 3, Jasa Marga was chosen because it was the most beneficial towards our portfolio. We had a brainstorm session together so we could find the best way to approach the problem and are about to start sketching our logo ideas based on the chosen approach.


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