Inspiration – week 3

This week’s assignment was to find creative studios and creative/art directors who inspire us.

Creative Studios:

The first studio I thought of was Digital Nativ. A representative of the company actually came as a guest speaker once to UIC, he told us about the many interesting projects they do. The company is very experimental during their free time and they produce amazing work.

Their work is showcased on their instagram :



The second studio I found is called Sawdust, based in UK. They make lots of interesting shapes and specialises in typography. They always try to not only deliver an effective design, but also exceed their client’s expectations.

This is their website where you can see all of their works:



Art / Creative Directors:

The first person that came to mind was introduced to me a few terms ago, but she still sticks out in my mind as she does a lot of amazing work. She works with a graphic designer and typographer named Stefan Sagmeister.

Here is her Behance and company website link


The second person i found is Jimbo Barbu. He owns his own one man company called Studio Jimbo. He works in editorial, branding, illustration and visual identity.

Here is the link to his Behance and to the company website



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