PDI – Week 1-2

These first two weeks, we discussed about the project we will be making with the theme, “Innovation Tradition”. We have to come up with several problems and brainstorm possible solutions for said problem.

After brainstorming 10 possible problems and their correlating solutions, it was narrowed down to three possible concepts:

  1. Under appreciated Batik
  2. Misogyny
  3. Under appreciated / Unknown Traditional Art

The last two were still a little too broad and I was asked to narrow it down a little bit. After some thought, I narrowed the last one to wayang kulit, which was eventually chosen as the topic for my project.

The Problem:

People nowadays are no longer interested in traditional art (Wayang), and are more interested in the cultures of other countries, even if there is a lot of history and interesting stories behind our own traditions.

Possible Solutions:

  • Social Media Campaign – the idea around this is that people view Wayang as something old and boring, so putting it on a platform people are more comfortable with, and with a more modern look, people would be more interested in it and will start talking about it again.
  • Products Based on wayang – This idea is to create a series of products / product that are based on wayang kulit. Basing them on characters and stories used in the traditional play would emphasize its many interesting points and millenials would be more interested in it.
  • Coloring Book – Illustrate the scenes from the famous play and make one of those stress relief coloring books for adults.

At the end, making a product seemed most interesting and after brainstorming with my friends, I decided to do an accessory line featuring wayang. This may start out with simple things like pins, but we’ll see how the project pans out first and then change gears whenever needed.



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