So I decided to make one post for the rest of the class. I decided to do this because its all relate at the end anyways, and I did most during the ends.

So for this magazine, I did some layout exploration and I drew something related to the story:


I then made layout explorations based on this:


After I did that layout, I was pretty satisfied and decided to move on and do other spreads:

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I wasn’t satisfied with this and decided to keep exploring:

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After these, I was in a slump and couldn’t really do anything worth mentioning, but I then came up with this:


I really liked this layout and decided to match the nuance with this page. Here are the other explorations, after that layout:

These weren’t the ones I used in the magazine final, but I thought these were getting closet to a magazine structure.

After finalising some layouts and doing some more exploration, I explored some cover choices:

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This is the cover I decided to go with:


Here is the finished magazine without separators and without the covers:


The blank pages where the separators are were left empty because they blurred out, here’s the separators:

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