Tone and Manner,Media, Visual Reference, Sketches and Drafts

The last post did not entail tone and manner and the medias the campaign will use:

Tone and manner:

  • painful
  • daunting
  • direct

The media I will be using for this campaign are :

  • 4 traditional medias:
  1. poster
  2. bus stop advertisement
  3. billboard
  4. magazine advertisement
  • Campaign Event
  • Creative media – chilli sauce packets (pictures will follow in the next post)

After finally determining the variables stated above, these are the visual references I came up with:


Here are some sketches of the concept and ideas I came up with:

The first picture shows my 2 initial concepts. The first one is “You’re not indestructible”. This will be a poster series that makes use of the medium itself. Using photos of people doing sports with a certain area in focus, the poster will have a ripped effect to it so that the message, “you’re as fragile as this piece of paper” gets through to the audience.

The second concept focuses more on ignorance. Where ignorance is a monster we all have and that injuries and fatalities in sports are usually caused by our own ignorance. Even though we feel like something is wrong, sometimes we ignore our gut and keep pushing ourselves over the limit, this is why ignorance is the real monster.

The second photo is another way of interpreting that second concept, while the first photo sketches shows the bones becoming the monster, the second photo shows “ignorance” breaking the bones.

Here is my first digital draft:


Here, I’m only trying to see if its a good concept and if I an go through with it. The typeface choice was still the defaults and the picture is still not the best. The feedback was to have better image treatment and typefaces, make the rip smaller too.

After that first draft, these are my next drafts. The pictures were fine, but I still haven’t changed the typefaces:


Here, the feedback was that the lady is shouldn’t be facing backwards, that I should try to use a picture that shows more pain. From that, I made the second draft:


I still wasn’t quite as satisfied and I feel like it looks almost like EVERY OTHER AD out there to. So this is my final look:


I decided to go with this one because my target market is a younger audience, so the color block would capture their attention and I also like how minimalistic it is, but it still gets the point across.



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