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Create a sports campaign based on a problem you see in sports. Create 3 main topics and choose 1.

3 main ideas:

  1. Sports is not just for men. Many wonderful sports have a masculine aura surrounding it, especially those relate to self defence. The campaign will be raising awareness on how everyone can do sports, wether it be men or women.
  2. Delicate sports can and should be done by men as well. Many sports / exercises such as yoga, zumba and ballet can be pretty harsh when men are involved. The campaign will revolve around breaking the stigma around that.
  3. To prevent sports injuries before they happen and to make people more aware of seeking medical help when needed.

For the final campaign, I decided that I would go with the 3rd topic I made.


Product Knowledge:

What Kind of people?

  • Adults who are active
  • Younger audience in their teens who like to exercise / do sports (2nd)
  • Exercise / does sports regularly
  • Midupper class (economy)

Why is safety an issue?

  • Laziness in seeking medical attention
  • Taking the injuries lightly
  • Competitiveness makes them push themselves way past their limits


Things that can cause a safety issues leading to fatalities:

  • Heart problems
  • Being ignorant of their surroundings (ex: cycling in the middle of a busy street with earphones in, blasting loud music)
  • Pushing yourself too far off your physical limits
  • Skipping warm ups or safety guidelines

Things that can be done to stay safe?

  • Get a checkup before doing anything strenuous (ex: joining a marathon, tournaments, running or jogging in the morning, etc.)
  • Be cautious of your surroundings to avoid hurting others and yourself
  • Know when to stop and seek help when injured


Consumer Insight:


  • Adults around early 20s-30s
  • Teens around 15-19 years old (2nd)
  • Midupper economic class
  • Most likely singles


  • Active
  • Likes to do sports / exercise
  • Competitive and ignores everything when they’re focused
  • Wants to reach a certain goal


  • Does sports regularly / exercises regularly
  • Brash or impatient
  • Focused


Consumer Relation/Attitude with the topic

  • Ignorant towards topic / couldn’t care less attitude
  • “I wouldn’t go that far”



Health is pretty sought out, considering this; the biggest threat to this campaign will be the target audience’s own ignorance.



The goal is to raise awareness on the topic and prevent more injuries due to carelessness and accidents.



 Injuries are sometimes invisible and only cause a minor inconvenience, but these can get worse if not treated and being cautious, preventing any accidents won’t hurt anyone.


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