Poster – Illicit Trade

So after the brief, I came up with a few ideas. The topic I chose was basically changing the places of humans and the animals traded.




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To finish off the concept, I had to look up pictures of furniture made with human skin. While looking around I found a series of furniture made to look like it uses human skin, inspired by the serial killer Ed Gein.


After browsing around, I decided to use this picture:


After that, I selected the lamp alone using Pen tool in Photoshop.

Getting a rendered image, I added a background color and a shadow. Here’s my first rendition:


I was then advised to give it a background (living room), which I did, using this as the background:


I added the lamp in the empty space:


Then I was asked to delete the sentence at the bottom:


And since now the focal point isn’t quite clear, this is the final product, after everything is edited:


After we finished this and presented them, we were asked to make a PSA out of a topic of our choosing. I chose to do one about public transport since many don’t use public transport here in Jakarta.

For this, I made a survey using

Here are my results:

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Here is my creative brief:


I made these posters at first:

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After QC sessions and people telling me that the poster is still unclear, I changed a few things to end up with this:


The pictures weren’t that good yet and the words were too small, so it changed to the final product:

PSA public transport 3.jpg


This final poster revision was made after QC session in class and comments from Hightail.


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