Dreamweaver VS Muse

During the third week, we learnt about Dreamweaver. I’m not particularly new to this software as I learnt the basics in highschool. Dreamweaver is an adobe software where we can code and create our websites. We can also link it to Bootstrap, making the website responsive to the measurement changes.

Muse on the other hand is a software made for someone with a lower expertise level. Muse requires no coding knowledge and the widgets are available for download online, allowing anyone to be able to create the website they want.

We were tasked t0 create a dreamweaver site, then make a muse site. Here’s how it went:



This is how the final website looks like on the browser (chrome), clicking on the contact page will redirect you to nasa.gov because that’s the website I linked it to.

For this, I didn’t change much from the class exercise layout, only the pictures and titles. This layout is simple and only uses a few widgets like the carousel (slideshow on the about page). Advantages of using Dreamweaver is that when something feels wrong then you can manually adjust the code and you can tweak it however you want in the codes. However, sometimes when using javascript, there might be so much text (code) that it becomes hard to discern where exactly an element goes in the code.


The pictures above is the guidelines we used when making the company website exercise. Here is what my company website looks like at the end (Funko Pop website):


For this, I followed exactly the predetermined layout given.

Compared to Dreamweaver, Muse is easier for novices to handle, since it mostly just need you to copy and paste the things you want in it, and linking things becomes easy when all you need to do is drag a button (anchoring). Also, its quite easy to find widgets online that are customisable. Unfortunately though, some widgets are fixed size, so unlike dreamweaver, where you can tweak everything, some things in Muse can’t be changed.

After the two exercises though, I decided that for the final project, I’ll be using Muse.


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