Editorial – Magazine

For the first week, we had an introductory video about typography that featured a typographer with the name Doyald. Then, we were told that we were going to start planning for the final assignment, which is to create our own magazine.

For my magazine, I thought of many interesting topics that I personally would be interested in and sift through them to find the best topic for me. It came down to three main concepts:

  1. Illustration
  2. Music
  3. Art and Literature

After a QC session, I decided to do the third topic. My plan for this magazine is to split it down in half. One section specifically for art (sculptures, paintings, illustrations, and others) and the other part to feature literary works (snippets of novels, recommendations, and features sections).

After giving the magazine a little bit more thought, I decided to narrow down my target market and aim for younger audiences (teens and early 20s). To achieve this, I decide that my content would feature more modern art and younger artists, as well as younger writers and literary works that can be enjoyed by youths (something that doesn’t branch off too far back like Shakespeare’s works).

My concept will be minimalistic and modern as of now, but it might change later in the future.

*Inspiration and pictures will be updated next week as I’m still in search of those*


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