Packaging – What?

The first thing we did in this class was learn what packaging is, since the class is about packaging anyways. So what is it?

There is no definite meaning for it and it differs to each person, however, it is a very crucial part in branding. Packaging is the most crucial part in branding and can cause people to change their minds when they want to buy the product. It delivers the brand idea and is the decisive point for customers.

It is also the quite a¬†¬†primitive thing. Fruits are covered in its peel and by the foremost definition of the word, it is packaging. It’s been with us since forever and everything we use to package goods can be called packaging. However, it is not until recently that its been taken so seriously when designing the brand identity.

For this class, clearly, our final assignment will be to design packaging. We need to choose a keyword from predetermined words and females need to create products that appeal to men and vice versa.

For this assignment, I chose the word noir. This by definition means the color black, or a genre of detective films; however, since I don’t intend on selling detective kits, I decided to go with the feeling of the word instead. The word noir invokes a nostalgic feeling and the scene that would describe this for me would be:

An old French film in monochrome. Quite romantic in a sense, mostly nostalgic and vintage.

After I got the “definition” out of the way, I decided on the product I’d like to sell. I had a few ideas and a few suggestions from my male classmates. The brainstorm session together was particularly helpful to me since they helped me decide on my three main ideas.

Here are my 3 main product ideas:

  1. coffee & tea
  2. perfume
  3. watches

I still don’t really know which one to choose, so everything else will be updated next week.


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