Ideas in Context -PSA

For the first week’s class, we were briefed on what the class is about and about the assignments we were going to look forward to. One of our assignments is to create a PSA. So after a short brief of our upcoming assignments, we learned about types of campaigns.

Types of Campaigns:

1 Advertisements / Commercial Campaigns:

An advertisement can be very profitable because this is the thing companies use to attract customers. This is what you see everyday on TV, billboards, and on the internet. There are 2 main classifications for these advertisements:

  • OOH (Out Of Home) – billboards, videotrons, etc.
  • InHome – newspapers, magazines, etc.

Advertisements are mainly used in companies where they want to appeal their products, but ads are also used for political means, an example would be for presidential campaigns.

2 PSA (Public Service Announcement):

PSAs are nonprofit and are meant to stimulate a positive response in those who view it. This is a cause campaign and sometimes, it is sponsored. There aren’t a lot of good PSAs out there since it’s nonprofit, and some are only made to win awards.

After we learned this piece of information, we were asked to create a PSA out of a newspaper headline from certain dates.

Important things to note when making a PSA:

  1. What is the key idea?
  2. What is the medium?
  3. Alternatives to the medium?

So, for the assignment, the medium is an A3 poster with a portrait orientation. My chosen headline is about illegal wildlife trade. We were asked to create rough sketches and have a final 3 thumbnail sketches by next week, so those pictures will be updated then.

A brief overview of my chosen article:

3 Men were caught in Medan with a skinned tiger. They were trying to do a transaction at a local hotel, but were fortunately caught by the police and sent to prison.




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