After Effects Final Project

So, for the after effects, I’m going to compile everything we learnt and the final project into one post. So, in short, we had a lot of exercises, learning how to use bridge and how to mask and the basics you can look up in youtube. We also learnt how to rig briefly to prepare us for the final project.

For the final project, we were tasked to create an animated infographic based on our Viscom in GD final infographic. So, naturally, my topic became the harmful side effects of instant noodles. For the final video, I created the vectors or traced something I found online and I added it into the AE file. I did this in sections and compiled it in Imovie. The sounds I used are:

  1. Elysium Long (default)
  2. Borealis (default)
  3. heart beat monitor sound effects (youtube)

So the things I used for this are positioning, scaling and masking. That was all I used to create the full infographic. Some effects like the typing effects were already built in and can be used by all, so that made my life a lot easier.

The first draft of the infographic animation was a little more like an article with headlines on top, so I was asked to change that and I managed to succeed with one or two days left. Here is the full final infographic:

The fonts I used are the same as the ones I used in the Viscom infographic: Playlist for headlines and Shree Devanagari 712 for the body text.


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