City Rebrand – Progress

For the city rebranding project, my progress consists of the following:

  1. Interview with primary source
  2. more research

For the interview, I chose to interview my dad who has gone to Samarinda quite a lot in the past. I asked him simple questions where he could answer on a broader spectrum. Here is a summary of what he said.

“While I don’t remember much, I remembered that Samarinda is quite small. It’s like walking for a few miles (Puri area to Central Park in Jakarta) and then seeing the rest covered by forests. So, in a way if you wanted a one word description of Samarinda, I’d say its..beautiful.. I guess. It’s also quite famous for being involved with oil.” (this was translated from Indonesian and was rephrased for academic purposes).

After hearing this. I was set on using the theme nature. Out of the three themes (nature, food and tradition) I chose, I thought that nature would be best suited and after the interview, I just became more convinced of that.

Now that the theme is set and I have a general idea of what Samarinda is, I have colour palettes to choose from and a basic idea so I can begin sketching right away.

As for more research, I researched on how to rebrand in general and looked for rebranding inspirations, whether it be a failed project or a successful one.

I will link all this soon and post more pictures along with it.


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