Assignment – Website

For the weekly assignment involving buttons, we were tasked to make a website based on a movie. The movie could be made up, upcoming or already out there. For this, I thought I should choose a movie I am really excited to see. Suicide Squad. This movie is about a band of super villains who are treated like hunting dogs by the government. So what I did first was to find some reference pictures online so that I could start creating vectors.

These are just some of the many pictures I traced. For buttons, I traced each main character’s vectors and also typed in their stats, which can be found here:

I started tracing and making my own buttons. For buttons that consist of just words, I wrote them down myself using the brush tool in Adobe Illustrator.


After all the vectors are traced, I just started to make symbols out f them in flash and started on making the different pages and opening sequence. This was just a repeat of buttons (explanation on how to use and make buttons in previous post), just with a whole lot more pages and a lot of stops as well. Other than that, it was a fairly simple task. My website is done for now and there might be an update to that if I have enough time to do some more. A few problems I ran into was that when I linked it to the home page, there was a glitch in mine and I could see the previous page along with the home page. However after some tweaking, I finally fixed a majority of the problems. I also figured out how to input text in the contact page, which was quite a thrill. Other than that, everything was simply similar to what we did as an exercise.

How to be able to input text (EXTRA!!)

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 4.19.13 PM.png

*Usually, Input text is set to static text.



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