Samarinda – Rebranding

So our next project, which we also started this week was a city rebranding project. For this, we had to choose a city from a predetermined list. From that list, I chose Samarinda from East Kalimantan.

I gathered some information here and there and trivia mostly from Wikipedia. Samarinda is the capital city and has the most residents as well. The city resides on the island of Borneo and lies on the banks of the Mahakam River.Samarinda is now opened to coal mining (according to This has given many side effects, to the residents and to the nature surrounding it.

Other than that, Samarinda still has many tourist attractions. Teluk Lerong Garden, Kampung Nasi Kuning, Tugu Khatulistiwa Santan Ulu and the many waterfalls residing in Samarinda are just some of their many attractions.


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