Progress – Week 3 & Lebaran Holiday

So as previously mentioned, my group consists of 3 people including myself. I am in charge of the final book cover and the boys are in charge of the trailer. This week, we went to shoot together, but we did not have much done because Asa wanted to shoot the rest of the footage himself. I asked the favour of him bringing said footage to edit together, but he came empty handed. He also did not finish his soundtrack this week.

After the shoot, we edited  little bit, of course I did not do much as I was not in charge of it, but I was there in case they needed a second opinion anyways.

After that week, I decided to start the book cover. I tried to execute my original idea and am still trying to configure the best possible design that will cater to all the feedback I received from other people outside my group. I got feedback from my group after a day or two went by because one was out and did not pay too much attention to his phone (it is a holiday after all) and the other left me on read for an hour and replied with “I think its ok”.

Here are my cover designs so far:

(the boy will be die cut on the front cover the show the inner cover.)

The trailer and soundtracks are well on their way and I will update any progress soon.


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