Progress – Animation HW

For this assignment, we were asked to create an animation featuring a moving vehicle (a car for most of us) and use our imaginations to create any background or vehicle we want. I decided to make a creepy animation with maybe a little tim burton touch to it.

Here are the pictures I referenced for my vectors:

(These pictures are not all I reeferenced, but to find the rest you can just type in google images “Tim Burton inspired buildings/car/characters” and anything of the sort.)

What I did first was animate the car moving from one end of the screen to the other. At first, it was only 100 frames, but as I added the background, I decided it was too fast and made it 200.

After that, I decided the animation needed to be more…me. I love little easter eggs in movies so I decided to add a few popups and see if anyone would be able to spot all of them.


I will edit the final animation in Imovie and ad background music and maybe some sound effects. I’ll  show this in my next update :).


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