Animation Explanation – Week 2 (explanation in screenshots)

We are using Adobe Animate / Flash CC.

What we will be using is ActionScript 3.0 for our projects.

Settings we use is normally the default one but sometimes it can change to 1280 by 720 pixels and 25 frames per second instead of 24.

This is what and where everything we need to know is:

use this 1.png

This is how to create a new symbol from object:

use this 2.png

(right click on the object to make the choices appear. Free Transform also works here if you click on the transform option and arranging it behind or on top of other objects can be  done in arrange as well.)

How do we know its a symbol? Go to library, next to properties and check if your symbol is there:

use this 4.png

How to make new symbol from scratch:

use this 5.png

use this 6.png

How we animate (it might be a little clearer on last week’s post):

use this 7.png

How to use motion tween:

use this 12.pnguse this 11.pnguse this 10.png

use this 9.pnguse this 8.png



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