Sekolah Kami – Video and Photo Series

So for class, we went to Sekolah Kami, which is a school for “scavengers” or pemulung. At their school, we were able to take photos and socialise with the kids who were very friendly and somewhat curious.

What I got from the visit was that the place was very humble, homey and very hot. The people there were friendly, curious and energetic.

To understand the two (people and place) better, I decided to make the 30 second video about their living conditions and the photo series about the children.

My video’s theme will be about “Beauty in the smallest details”. This video will showcase a lot of small details that I noticed in their institute. Rusted locks, bamboo, wooden furniture and all. Of course the video will be a little romanticised, but I do believe that it is that beautiful.

My photo series will be based on the kids. They found happiness in such small things that I decided it would be a good topic for the series. I will be focusing on the kids and how they interact with their surroundings.



So after looking at my photos again, I decided to switch the concepts that I used. The concept “Beauty in the smallest details” will be used for the photo series and the concept “Happiness and curiosity” will be used for the video

Here are some of the pictures I will be using. I will also include a few pictures using Snapchat filters in the final video:

Here are some of the unedited pictures of my photo series:


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