Grids and Layouts

For this week, we learned more terms and technical things like measurements, different dashes and picking a good typeface. After our lesson, we were tasked with exercise 2.


We learnt about measurements first. Absolute measurements and Relative measurements.

Absolute measurements are standard fixed values that stay constant around the world. (centimeters, millimeters, picas and points)

Relative measurements are scale values that vary often and is typically determined by the body size. (x-height)

We then learnt about em, en and percentages.

  • Em is the measurement as big as the capital “M”.
  • En is the measurement as big as the capital “N”.

Em dashes are dashes half the size of a capital “M”. They are similar to commas.

En dashes are those measuring half a capital “N”. They are usually used to llink numbers or dates. (30 – 40)

Hyphens are the smallest and are used to link names.

We then learnt about typography and how as typographers, people do their work and disappear. Typography is used to frame the text and compliment it, this is why typography is very underrated and typographers are unknown.

The many type rules can be summed up to this:

Type is supposed to:

  • Invite the reader to the text
  • Reveal the tenor and meaning of the text
  • Clarify the structure and order of a text
  • Link the text with other elements
  • Induce a stage of energetic repose



So for the exercise, we studied a spread’s layout and made a grid based on it. With the grid, we are then asked to create our own layout with excerpts of articles or novels we like.

Spread chosen
Grid made on tracing paper
Measurements on another piece of tracing paper

By Monday, I will have the layout at least halfway done and will print, latest, Wednesday. Blog will be updated soon with the progress.


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