Progress – Movie Trailer

Half mind map done

Link to the videos of the location:

Work Distribution:

Asa – His task will mainly be in filming and editing along with Gaudi. This is because his art board was chosen so he should have a clear idea of what the teailer would be about. He will also be shooting off the main set to create extra footage if needed for the trailer. Lastly, he will also be editing the video with Gaudi although Gaudi will be in charge of the edits.

Felicia – This is me. My job is mainly supervising the trailer’s process and am in charge of the planning. All final moodboards and mind maps will be run through me. I am also in charge of the book cover since my0 design was chosen aside from Maddy’s, who was moved to another group.

Gaudi – His job will mainly be editing the trailer and providing the shooting set. Editing takes a long while and he has filming experience, which is why I trust him with editing. Like Asa, he will also sho0ot some extra footage off the main set to create enough scenes for the tralier.

Plan and Time Management:

Week 1: This 1 was when we found our groups and decided on what to do. Our initial members were Asa, Gaudi, Maddy and myself. However since some problems occurred with the other team, Maddy was moved to qnother team. Maddy and I were in charge of the book covers and I put Asa and Gaudi in charge of the art boards of our trailer. We made a simple mind map and started brainstorming, finally coming up with 3 art boards (chose 1) and 20 book cover sketches (narrowed down to 3).

Week 2: This week, Gaudi did not come to class and Maddy was moved, so in class, Asa and I finalised the idea and I pitched some ideas on the concept of our trailer. We planned to ahoot this Thursday, however, some circumstances made it impossible and we will be postponing to next Tuesday. I will update progress then. So, for the remainder of this week, I plan to finalise the book cover and everything from the planning phase.

Lebaran Holiday: Throughout the holiday, I will see to it that we do have progress and that the trailer has been edited by the end of the holiday. Book cover mock ups will also be printed during this time. Soundtrack will also already be finalised. (Asa is planning to make his own composition for the sound track, however, we will only proceed with the idea if he is able to finalise the composition soon after the final shots are taken) Everything will be finalised and final quality control will be done (our own qc).

Submission: I plan to have everything done a few days before submission itself so that if anything does go wrong, we will have enough time to fix it. This will only be able to happen with full cooperation from my team members and good time management not just from my part, but from theirs as well.

This blog will be updated regularly with the progress.


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