Book Cover Reviews

So for this week, we were asked to analyse 10 book covers from Kinokuniya Plaza Senayan. I will showcase the book covers alongside my sketch and explanation, followed by a typed up analysis and explanation of said book cover.

Disclaimer: Each analysis of the book cover is purely my own.


    To me, this book cover stood out because the illustration really portrayed the book’s content really well. In my opinion, the Russian dolls are there to represent obesity itself. The bigger Russian doll is opened to show how small/skinny the reader can be and remind them how big they can get as well. The layout of the cover looks formal, like every other self-help book. Simple, effective and formal.


    To me this book’s cover did not have a hidden meaning and was only illustrated on simply for aesthetics. It is cute and creative to create a bigger bottle using smaller bottles and cans, really portraying the content of the book.  The design of the cover is cute and looks appropriate for a picture book that displays bottles and cans. Cute and creative.


    This book in particular really caught my eye purely because yellow is such a bright color that it sticks out so much, especially contrasted with white. The packets of sugar is cool and made me think that each packet is exactly one spoonful of sugar. May not mean that, but that was my interpretation of it. I think it’s also particularly clever to use yellow to catch someone’s attention. Simple, eye catching  and minimalistic.


    This book’s cover basically covered it’s content. Most of the symbols were showcased on the cover itself. It is pretty full, but still comes across as a simple cover. I like how everything is black and white except for the title. It makes the title stand out.


    This b0ok uses simple silhouettes with trademarks of each character to make them recognisable. The book using simple silhouettes is pretty creative. It also follows the trends where simplicity is valued. it’s also nice that it stays to the classic Disney Peter Pan with Wendy and her siblings flying out a window.


    This book cover is very nice (more like its my style), but in my opinion, the background has no correlation with the content. The complete works of pianoforte solos does not seem to fit with a nature themed background. However, the simple vectors of the peacock feathers (or at least what seems to be peacock feathers) is very pretty.


    This book cover is a really cute cover especially for a graphic novel. Graphic novels usually detail each character on the cover and overwhelms the cover with details. However, this one is pretty simple and really focuses on the Jaybird. The font was also really nice on the cover.


    For this book, I love how the text uses bright neon pink. It contrasts the more muted background. The design is simple, and has quite the amount of text especially for a cover, but it works and it looks good.

  9. This book cover is really cute. I like how they showed freedom with a bird flying out of its cage. The muted blue is also a nice touch as to me, blue doesn’t just symbolise calm, it can also symbolise sadness and I think that the blue symbolises how the bird felt before being set free.

  10. This book cover is one of my personal favourites. I like how they played with negative space. The simple broken bottle that contains the text that says lonely, broken, rehab and other words was really effective in my eyes. I really like how the last part of the title is in pink, it really catches my eye sine everything else was in black and white.


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